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One idea can change the world, but...

…the truth is that students inside public education are not getting access to the kind of learning that ensures equitable opportunity that aligns their interests and passions with the workforce demands of 21st-century markets.

 Reframing Public Education

One Idea Foundation facilitates alignment between industry and school districts to deliver relevant and engaging curriculum that prepares every student for future market opportunities and life skills by…

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    ...providing mentorship, intern connections and early-entry employment for K-12 and Beyond through the LTS Certifications.
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    ...providing scholarship and affordable pricing models for the LTS Solution to districts throughout the United States.
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    ...identifying teachers from within both the districts we serve and its surrounding industry who are aligned to innovating education.
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    ...providing transformative Teacher and Administor training and support through the LTS EDU Institute.
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    ...supporting the development of industry partners with every school district we assist.

Driving A Powerful Learning Solution for Change

OIF is a joint initiative with Learn to Start - a powerful solution that has been engineered over a decade in direct collaboration with students, educators and industry.

OIF has been founded to drive the LTS solution across the public school landscape and bring about the level of sustainable change necessary to offer students access to a 21st-century model of learning.

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Closing a Massive Gap between Industry and Education

OIF is made up of a team of experts with decades of public education system experience who are now leveraging their passion for change to bring about real transformation.

Using a highly innovative model named Learn to Start, OIF attracts the full power of industry to the table to drive the change necessary to future-proof students who can be competitive, aligned, and productive inside markets experiencing exponential change.

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Bringing Action for Change through Demonstration & Data

OIF has decades of political and legislative experience and leverages that expertise to work alongside governments to drive essential outcomes by identifying grant opportunities as well as working towards legislative change.

To accommodate this, OIF acts as a research body capable of  reporting essential data that will assist both legislatures and industry at large to drive meaningful change capable of providing learning environments where real and sustainable transformation can take place.

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The One Idea Foundation is a not-for-profit organization created as a joint initiative with Learn to Start (LTS), a global education solutions company.

Dedicated to student opportunity

The Foundation is dedicated to accelerating the opportunities for students to discover who they are while gaining experience that prepares them for their future work environment.

Our data shows that if we intrigue and excite students during school to engage in planning their career paths, they construct portfolios that support academic success while building life and job skills.

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"Education must change if we expect to protect the future of our planet. We must develop people who are skilled to take on the endeavors and problems facing our world. Moreover, we must narrow the massive equity gap that currently exists in education throughout the globe."

Addressing the Public School Skills Gap

By leveraging the Learn to Start transformative model of learning and development, One Idea Foundation brings a solution to public education never seen before. Working in partnership with the full power of industry, this joint initiative is built to address the massive skills gap and equity gap currently existing across the United States public system of education.